We Use 2 Safety Clips Per Dog For Extra Safety

Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. tries our best to prevent accidents from happening. We want to ensure your dog is extra safe on his/her walk. We require all dogs to provide 2 pieces of properly fitted dog gear. We use 2 custom made safety clips per one dog, which can help prevent an accident from occurring. Why is a safety clip used? A safety clip is used in case a piece of gear or a leash was to fail, then your dog would still be secured onto us. (1) We connect the safety clip from your dog’s collar to collar or harness to the collar. (2) We connect the second safety clip from the leash to our waist belt to ensure that your dog is even more safe. We treat your dog like one of our own, and want them to always be safe in our hands! 

Dog Park Free and Small Pack Walks

You will never see Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. at the dog park with a group of dogs off-leash and running around. Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. likes to keep our groups of dogs moving quickly by dog walking only. Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. wants our groups of dogs to enjoy being in each other’s presence, sniffing together and having a good time, all in a safe and stable pack environment. Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc’s goal is to drop all the dogs off after the walk, tired and content. We limit our pack walks to a maximum of five dogs. This is to ensure we can keep our eye on every dog, subsequently giving your dog the attention it deserves. We make sure that we group the dogs according to who walks well with each other. We want to make sure your pooch has the best time and enjoys his or her walk with no stress!

All of Our Dog Walkers are Insured, Certified, and Have Police Clearances

Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. treats your dog like they are one of our own. We believe safety comes first. Fit Dog Club Toronto Incs’s employees have completed their Pet First- Aid Certification. All our staff have Police Clearance Certificates so you know your dog is in good hands. Our insurance company is Profur, a specialty carrier just for pets. From our initial meet and greet, we will make sure your dog is categorized correctly, thus walking with other k-nines of like, kind and quality(LKQ). 

Great Hours of Operation

We are open from 10 am-4 pm, Monday through Friday. To further serve all of your needs, we also provide before hour walks from 8 am-10 am and after hour walks from 4 pm-8 pm based on availability. Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. tries our best to be able to provide a walk for you on Saturday or Sunday if requested based on availability only.

Convenient Mobile App

We use a pet software and mobile app to make things easy as pie for you! Through this app, you can input all of your personal and pet information that is required, message dog walkers or administration and office, make your bookings, receive invoices, and make payments! You can use the software through the web on your laptop, or download the mobile app! 

Report Cards After Your Dogs Visit

We all will own up to it… We know we all sit around waiting to make sure our dog got home okay! No problem. Fit Dog Club Toronto Inc. has you covered! We guarantee report cards to be sent to you after your dog is returned home from his or her walk! We provide a message of how your dog’s walk went, with a list of questions answered that are important to know regarding your dog’s time spent with us. 

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